What We Do

Hope Counseling clinicians provide therapy services for individuals, couples, and families, and also facilitate therapy groups. We work with clients of all backgrounds and ages, utilizing proven theories and methods. We offer both in-person and virtual services.

All intern clinicians are current students of an accredited clinical training program. All other clinicians are pursuing licensure or are currently licensed to practice as counselors in the state of Georgia, and are graduates of an accredited graduate-level clinical program. All intern, pre-licensed, and associate-licensed clinicians practice under the clinical supervision of a fully licensed counselor.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy a client and counselor work together to move towards completing the client’s goals for themselves. Counselors are trained to help others overcome issues interfering with mental peace, happiness, relationships, work, and other essential aspects of daily life. The ultimate goal of individual therapy is to provide greater self-knowledge and skills that can be used to unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, which in turn allows the management of distressing emotions.

Individual therapy can be beneficial for working on:


“Addictions always originate in pain… The question is never ‘why the addiction?,’ but rather ‘why the pain?’” (Dr. Gabor Maté). Counselors can help those struggling with addictions address underlying painful issues and then break the addictive patterns.

Anxiety and Depression

Individual counseling can help overcome the sometimes overwhelming fear and hopelessness by helping you better understand the conditions that led to the initial anxiety or depression, and applying healthy coping skills against them.

Grief and Loss

Loss, whether of a loved one or an important aspect of one’s daily life, can generate very strong, difficult thoughts and emotions. Therapy can help process those thoughts and unresolved emotions, and help you begin living in the “new normal” without regret.


Every person will at some point have at least one potentially traumatic experience, but this doesn’t impact everyone in the same ways. When struggling to process and move on from negative life experiences, therapy offers a powerful method of finding support and healing.

Couple’s / Marital / Premarital Counseling

In couple’s counseling the focus is the relationship between the individual clients and the intertwining effects of each client’s person upon that relationship. Couple’s counseling can help develop healthy communication skills, finding more effective ways to navigate conflict, work on infidelity recovery, and other mutually important and beneficial topics or skills. Hope offers couple’s counseling to all, regardless of religious affiliation, gender makeup, or “official” status. We also offer pre-marital counseling, which helps couples about to make things official better understand some of the realities of married life, develop a better understanding of each other, identify and work on potential problem points, and learn some of the skills needed to begin to build a happy and successful life together.

Family Counseling

As in couple’s counseling, family counseling focuses on the relationship and dynamics within the family unit and between the individual members of it. Counselors will help clients identify unhealthy or unhelpful patterns, and to address them by developing healthier communication and conflict resolutions skills, create realistic expectations, and restructure familial roles to benefit everyone. The ultimate goal is to help the family be better able to thrive as a team.

Group Facilitation

Hope Counseling partners with community organizations to provide short- and long-term counseling groups. Available group types include support groups (addiction or trauma recovery, etc.), process groups (grief groups, etc.), and skills groups (disorder or condition management, parenting groups, etc.). If your organization is interested in hosting such a group, please contact us to explore options.


In addition to our counseling services, Hope serves the community by offering educational seminars on various mental health and related topics (parenting subjects, coping with loss, warning signs of addiction, addressing racism / sexism within the workplace, etc.). When conducted by our clinical interns, these are provided at no cost to the host, and are developed with participation of Richmont Graduate University faculty and Hope’s licensed staff. If your organization is interested in hosting such an event, please contact us to explore options.

It's Time to Start Healing

We can help. Regardless of your situation, Hope can work with you to find a way forward. Contact us to get started.

Please Note: Due to licensing restrictions, Hope Counseling Centers is only able to provide counseling services within the State of Georgia. If you’re interested in this changing, please click here to learn more.

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